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Home in Rome

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Rome Italy
interior and furniture


The house is located in Rome, Italy, in a charming building of the early of twentieth century. The owners, a young couple, asked for large and uninterrupted spaces, with an urban feel. The first goal has been to reunify the space by removing the original partitions that divided the house in small rooms emphasizing the natural light from the tall windows that face on the large courtyard of the building. The result is an open space, three-in-one: entrance, living and kitchen. The kitchen area is identified with a change of the floor level from the living area; a gray volume identify the bathroom. The project is characterized from the use of just two materials: bamboo for flooring and tailored furnitures and white lacquered wood for the wall cabinet that separate the living from the sleeping room.  



The apartment object of the intervention is located inside a suggestive courtyard building of the early  Twentieth century. The clients, a young couple, wanted large and uninterrupted spaces, in a home with an urban, welcoming and functional appeal. The primary objective therefore was to eliminate the corridors that made the apartment cramped, thus emphasizing the natural light coming from the high windows that open onto the large internal courtyard of the building. The result is a conceived open space  like a three-in-one space: entrance, living room and kitchen. The only separation line is represented by a different height of the floor that identifies the kitchen area with peninsula and the volume of the concrete gray bathroom.

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