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Inside Out Project 

Let's build the 21st century community


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MAXXI FOUNDATION - National Museum of XXI Century Arts
Rome Italy
photo/video shooting

YEAR: 2016

CLIENT: MAXXI FOUNDATION -  National Museum of 21st Century Arts



A project by the artist JR realized on the occasion of the Extraordinary Visions exhibition. Italy is watching us

A project by the artist JR realized for the exhibition Extraordinary Visions. Italy is watching us


“Building the XXI century community” is a kaleidoscope of portraits of young students whose expressive richness is the translation of the multiethnic cohesion of the community which MAXXI museum feels to belong to.
On the occasion of the exhibition "Extraordinary visions - L'Italia", the Education Department has developed a workshop involving the neighborhood Public School: thanks to its ethnic mixture it embodies a welcoming message of multicultural integration, giving birth to a coral work of art focused on the emotional expression of personal feelings.


Mixtura was commissioned to realiza the 320 portraits exposed on the wall of the building D, at the Maxxi Museum in Rome.


In 2011  JR  - pseudonym of the French “photograffeur”, born in 1983 - has launched  Inside out, a project conceived for anyone who wants to spread a message or defend a cause by uploading photographic portraits of the community to which they feel they belong to the web.
MAXXI has decided to join, involving the Guido Alessi neighborhood school in a workshop based on emotionality:  Let's build the 21st century community  it's a kaleidoscope of portraits  highly expressive whose facial expressions are the result of an emotional exchange between children with different origins, family backgrounds and sensibilities.

JR's interventions exploit the communicative and popularizing power of the manifesto to talk about social commitment and identity, freedom and boundaries. From the Brazilian favelas to the African slums, up to the separation wall between Israel and Palestine, his images have invaded the streets of the whole world, making them a real “open-air gallery”.

Mixtura created the 320 portraits exhibited on the wall of building D of the Maxxi Museum in Rome and the backstage video for the communication campaign of the event.

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